Course IT Training IT training covers topics such as the application, design, development, implementation, support, and administration of computer-based information systems.

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Course Business Plan

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Writing a business plan is essential to creating
an effective strategy for growth
Business Analysis Training Course Business Analysis Training

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Live Agile And Scrum

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Shersom Consulting Inc

Shersom Consulting Inc. provides services in the form of training to
professionals in the Business, Management and IT industries. We will
lend companies our expertise on problems that can’t be handled internally.
We focus specifically on Management, Business development, Strategic Planning, and IT skill development through specific training courses and certification exams.

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Our Courses

Certified Business Analyst

Organizations need Business Analysis. They need certified Analysts that will lead their business towards success. The business Analysis field is growing very fast, demand is increasing every year and the market is becoming more and more competitive…

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Live Agile And Scrum Master

Professional Scrum masters are in high demand worldwide and are well paid. Knowing what scrum is all about will help you understand “THE WHY”. Scrum is a process framework…

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Our Services






Training Hours

We Provide IT Training

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How soon can a business plan be developed?

It depends but we will be in touch with you, but generally it usually takes about 15-20 business days

When will the business Analysis Training begin?

We are currently working on our Business Analysis course to provide you with the best training with real-world experiences.

Are your IT courses and certifications recognized globally?

Yes, we are a global partner with recognized training institution like Scrum study, etc.


The customized business plan created by Shersom Consulting Inc for my company was really detailed and I was impressed.

Kelvin OIT Director, Anizoba Enterprise

I was glad to get some training and certification exams from this website. I think I was more impressed at the price (I love

Sharon WIT specialist, KALF INC

I was so impressed with the level of professionalism that Shersom Consulting Inc rendered to my company when we needed some strategic advice to move my company to the next level.

Chelsea WManager, Charol Project and Investments Ltd